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Beaver have been trading since 1973, set in a 63 Acre site in Surrey. The company was started by WHM Wheeler with his son Jeff Wheeler.  In 2023 we celebrate our 50th anniversary of being one of the top leading UK Aquatic Plant Wholesalers.

Beaver Plants was developed primarily as an Aquatic plant nursery. The site now comprises of 2 x 11-acre nurseries and a 41-acre fishery complex with 25 acres of water.

The company  grows over 1.5 million Aquatics plants per year. In the early 2000's, the company underwent a diversification program and now produces high quality Perennials, Grasses, Ferns, Hosta's, Agapanthus and Bamboo. The Lifestyle plants brand has been successful and consists of a range of compact Cannas, Bananas, Cyperus, Zantedeschia‚Äôs and other semi- exotic plants.

Primarily the traditional market has been Garden Centres, Aquatic Retailers, Wholesalers, Landscapers and Grower Nurseries. The company has its own in-house photography and boasts over 13,000 images, which are used to produce our labels, point of sale and website products.

Recently a new range of 10.5cm liner products have been produced for an ever-expanding growers market.

Beaver Plants has always propagated many of its own plants from seeds, cuttings and division. We have also provided plants for many landscape projects and have worked with many landscapers, both with young plants and finished products.

Our Nursery

Here you can clearly see our propagation in micro plugs in 50,000 plants set of our Carex variety.

Propagation in our climate-controlled houses on roller tables.

Aquatic plants are produced in 9cm, 1L, 2L, 5L & 10L pots depending on the variety.

Contract grown plants in 5L pots for projects.

Waterlilies are grown in 1L, 2L & 5L pots. In our Waterlily house there are 120 varieties.

Heucheras are grown in 2L pots on Oakfield Nursery from tissue culture plugs.

Young plug tables growing on in 7cm in our roller tables.

Hostas grow in 5L pots on a large scale.

Evergreen Equisetum japonicum is one of our specialists in 5L pots. Equisetum is equally happy in the pond & in the garden or patio and ferns -part of our Lifestyle range.

Grasses are grown in our  poly-tunnel on Oakfield Nursery.

Plants growing outside on Oakfield Nursery.

Agapanthus growing on our Oakfield Nursery

We grow over 30 different Ferns in our specialist shade houses on Oakfield Nursery in 9cm, 2L &5L pots.

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