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    Plants of The Week

    Equisetum Japonicum

    The barred horsetail is a pretty member of the horsetail family, the fleshy, evergreen stems being barred with black rings accentuating the beauty of the foliage. Plant in clumps for striking effect. Will grow to 80 cm tall. Keep well watered  as it can also be grown in the pond, the barred horsetail is a striking and unusual subject for shallow water planting. Attractive throughout the year, the evergreen stems are valued for providing winter interest.

    Caltha Palustris

    One of the earliest plants to flower in the water garden, the Marsh Marigold gives a glorious display of golden yellow flowers to herald the spring. Erect stems with round serrated foliage. A favourite British pond plant, height to 60 cm. If cut back after flowering, it wil often flower again in autumn. Trim decaying foliage in late autumn.

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