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Our 1L (11cm) Marginal collection represents 50% of total plant sales in the typical 'Coldwater Aquatics Display'. We sell/despatch each variety in outers of 10. Each plant comes in a recyclable square plastic basket, colourful lock in pictorial label and gravel topping, This collection of over 100 varieties is covered by one barcode (one price point).
This wonderful collection of true water plants offers the retailer an eclectic mix of colour, form and size. Each plant comes in 2L  (17cm) round, recyclable, black plastic pot a larger pictorial lock in label and gravel topping. This collection of over 80 varieties is covered by one barcode (one price point).
Our pondside collection consists of an eclectic mix of plants that offer the pond keeper a mix of colour and form. This range is suited to the damp areas surrounding the pond but can also be planted in the garden borders. This collection offers the retailer excellent additional sales especially early in the season when Primulas and the like are in full bloom. Our 1L (11cm) range are available in outers of 10, in solid black plastic pots and colourful pictorial labels. 2L (17cm) are available in outers of 3.
This collection of plants can represent as much as 25% of all retail sales in the Aquatic plant area. They also perform a very important role in the pond.
This range is available in 1L (11cm) mesh baskets in outers of 10 and 2L (17cm) mesh baskets in outers of 3.
Our oxygenating bunches are offered either bunched or netted complete with label. We do not sell banned alien invasives or tropical (aquarium) bunches. We strongly reccommend the purchase of Ceratophyllum demursum a slow growing native. 

By far the simplest & most popular way to sell waterlilies.
This range is sold by flower colour Red, Pink, White, Yellow & Variable (Copper). The Best waterlilies are selected by our nursery staff, all waterlilies in bud/flower will be selected first. The BEST collection is available in 1L (11cm) outers of 3 and 2L (17cm) in outers of 3.
This collection is for the more discerning of retailers all waterlilies are sold as named varieties, e.g. Nymphaea Colossea, Nymphaea Carnea,  Nymphaea Wanvisa etc. 
These products are sold in 2L. round mesh baskets with gravel topping and completed with a truely representative flower label. Available in outers of 3.
These products are sold in 3L. (23cm) round mesh baskets with gravel topping and a large colourful picture label. Truely offering either double or triple the wow factor! Available in white/red, yellow/pink or red/yellow/white flowering options. Available in outers of 1.

These marginals grow in deeper water (similar to waterlilies) and historically have been known as 'poor mans lilies' owing to their cheaper price point.  A much underrated collection, when you consider Aponogeton distachyum flowers for up to 7 months a year.
 This range of products offers the retailer the simplest, driest and cleanest way of selling both waterlilies and deep water plants. We recommend sales of these products early season when lilies are compact and the weather is cooler.

Offering a range of more than 50 varieties of both tried and tested and contemporary plants, including Alchemilla mollis, Astilbe 'younique', Lobelia 'Queen Victoria', Nepeta and many more. This collection offers exceptional value for money.
This innovative range consists of perennials with high pollen/nectar values. Offering much needed food for our native insects. Not only are they attractive to bees and butterflies, they also offer months of colour to the gardener. 
This award winning collection comprises of many unusual, architectural or exotic plants. Often used as statement specimens by the gardener. This range includes many contemporary varieties such as Cyperus, Musa, Equisetum etc.
This range comprises an eclectic mix of colour and form, proven and contemporary and diminutive to large varieties. We offer many new tissue varieties as well as proven winners such as Carex, Imperata, Miscanthus and Pennisetum.
We are pleased to announce we only source and sell virus-free Canna. All of our collection is grown from either seed or tissue culture.
Our 'Happy and 'Cannova' series only offer compact and floriferous varieties.

The ultimate problem solvers for the shady areas of the garden. We offer more than 30 varieties including Athyrium, Blechnum, Dryopteris, and Polystichum. These plants were introduced by the Victorians and are more popular than ever.

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