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Retailing water plants can seem daunting even for someone with a good plant knowledge. Although they do have specific requirements, they are not much more difficult or time consuming than any of the other perennials in the garden centre.

Marginal plants are supplied in 1L, 2L, 3L (mix) or 5L baskets. They must be placed in water as soon as possible after delivery; they require around 3-5cm of water. Our Maxi Table provides a water holding tray for optimum conditions. Plants should be arranged with tall species such as irises and reed mace at the back of the display, grading down to low growing plants at the front.

A partly shaded situation is preferable which will suit all species, best sheltered from the wind or tall plants could have their leaves snapped over detracting from their appearance.

These are Aquatic Plants – keep the bench topped up with water, but make sure the water level is below the top of the smaller pots or it will be difficult to control algae.  Keep the water clean for an attractive display. Marginal Tables should be drained down, cleaned and refilled once a week.

Do not allow algae to build up in the water.

Trim dead leaves off weekly. Tall plants, irises etc., may have their leaves snapped over by wind or careless customer handling; trim off just below the break, using scissors and cutting at an angle for a pleasing effect.  Rafting plants such as brooklime and mint are vigorous and have a tendency to grow into neighbouring pots and for the roots to matt together. Do not leave plants for more than two weeks in summer without removing them individually to separate the roots and top growth. Trim back shoots as necessary.

Watch out for slug and snail damage – they particularly like lobelia cardinalis! Pick off these pests and destroy them. 


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