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Astilbe Younique Carmine

False Goats Beard


Description - Astilbes are hardy, easy to grow perennials. The 'Younique' series are compact plants with large, full plumes. They are prized for their long blooming flowers which are borne on strong stems held above the attractive green, divided foliage. Dense feathery panicles of deep pink/red flowers give a lovely display in summer. This Perennial plant is also in our award-winning Kind to Nature collection. It is now widely accepted that gardens are vital for the survival of the UK’s wildlife. Gardens make up the majority of the green space in Britain and make significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife. Pollen and nectar rich plants are attractive to many species of insect. Pollen provides a source of protein needed for insect egg production and nectar is a valuable source of carbohydrates needed for energy. Plant your flowers in groups because en masse colour and scent is easier for insects to detect.


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